Experimental project of Yunnan Craft.

Project has failed because people do not buy tea without a story ;-)

Original ideal below:

Tea Without Story

There is lots of marketing flying around the tea in China and especially pu-erh tea. One of the significant "price manipulator" is the story. Authentic , rare and unique puerh tea can be made of any regular bush massive metric tons produced tea if the right story and wrapper applied. That happens a lot and due to the high prices of sheng pu'er , more producers are focusing on shu puerh and therefore same marketing strategy has been transferred to the shu as well. 

We decided take that all marketing off the products and sell actual tea , in this project is shu puer tea.

熟普洱 shu pu er

Pu'er ,puerh , puer, pu-erh , shou puerh or shou puer ...we use all those expressions since technically speaking they all right. We do not use English interpretations like cooked pu-erh or ripe pu-erh. We use term "fermentation" despite the fact that tea has been processed with access of oxygen and therefore should be called oxidation. The reason for that is just because "发酵 fa jiao"  fermentation term is commonly used in Chinese for shu pu'er. 

Shou puerh confusion

actual name is " shu pu er ". The expression " shou " came up from different pronunciation of the 熟 shu (ripe). It's like "Ok" and "Okay". Both is right but grammatically "shu cha" is correct!


This website is focusing only on shu pu-erh tea in different forms / shapes , grades, qualities and processes ( depth of fermentation for example ). Age, origin, type of tea tree, producers ...all that has been "stripped off" and left only The Tea With No Story.

Prices & Value

We select the material from not famous producers to avoid the up-marked prices which are not equivalent of actual value of the product but just has "additional marketing value"not enhancing the taste. We select the pieces which we believe worth their price based on overall judgment : quality of processing , storage , grade of material, quality of tea leaf and of course on taste.

We avoid the tea coming from the famous places which is also mostly the cause of higher prices and not the actual value. There are no additional costs of art on the wrappers as we do designs ourselves and getting help from friends. We do our pressing and blends which we also can offer for our wholesale clients / business partners. More details about private labeling and pressing, please contact us.

How to buy good shu pu'er in online store ?

There is a saying among the Chinese tea vendors : " There is no bad pu-erh, there are just some not of Your liking" . Although it has been used mostly as an excuse for selling low quality puer , yet there is a bit truth in it. We all have different tastes and would be surprising for you what others love in their shu.

The best way to get your perfect Shu pu-erh and not spend a fortune for tea which you might not like , is to buy a samples first. For more convenient trying and cheaper shipping fee , we prepared some sample sets.

Please Note: Although shu puerh is not maturing as sheng puerh, but still it is changing a bit over the time. Especially light fermented / oxidized tea leafs have better ageing ability. So if you order the same tea , same batch a year later , the taste might slightly vary.


Please pay attention to Batch No. you are ordering. The same tea can be from different batch the next time you want to order it. The grade and type of the tea will be same , but time of production can be different ( so the storage time ). That might cause slight difference in taste.


Despite of the over flooded market with any price range of tea, we do believe there are some barriers / the bottom line of where the tea is just not drinkable or safe to drink, and that's the line we do not cross. Our aim is to provide wide spectrum of shu pu'er taste as much as possible, yet we keep our standards of quality and safety ( despite some bizarre request we got from our shu pu lovers ) .

How to brew shu pu'er ?

There are many techniques how to brew shu pu'er tea and those depends on the tea itself and your personal preferences. We usually brew 4-6g in 100 - 120ml vessel by steeping the leafs many times. As with any other tea : type / size of tea leaf , volume of brewing vessel ,amount of tea and time of brewing , are factors which you can play around for achieving your perfect cup of Shu.